'Look deep into nature and you'll understand everything better' - Albert Einstein

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“I would definitely recommend the workshop nature experience if you want to become more aware of nature around you, seeing, hearing and feeling, enjoying nature with all your senses.”   –   Chris

Responses to the self-care workshop:

“if you want to know which ingredients to avoid and why and what to use instead, this is a great and fun way to learn. Loved it, it was extremely informative!”  – Ellen

“Fun, relaxed, personal and original, gives a lot of insight in products.”    –   Arjanneke

About Back to Nature

 Taking you on an experience. Empowering you with skills, knowledge and a deeper understanding of both nature and yourself.

that’s what we love to do


our Vision:

Inspiring you to lead a healthy and fulfilling life, filled with wonder, respect and care for both yourself & nature.

Enabling you to fully experience, enjoy and learn from nature. For now and future generations.


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(for the time being, you can go to the Dutch page here and use google translate)

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I’m looking forward to meet you in nature!

coach & owner Back to Nature

Bertine Steenbergen

De lente smaakte naar…

De lente smaakte naar…

Regelmatig trek ik een aantal dagen alleen of met gezelschap de natuur in ... wat wordt een mens (dit mens in ieder geval) daar blij van! Rugtas op, het bos in en een plekje op zoeken om een shelter te bouwen of tarp af te spannen, vuurtje er bij en het is ‘thuis’...

Spring tasted like…

Spring tasted like…

I frequently go into nature for a couple of days, either by myself or with a friend. That sure makes me very happy! Backpack filled, walking into nature and finding a place to build a shelter or pitch a tarp. Combined with a fire… that's what I call home. Focused on...


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