“The earth is crammed with heaven.. Every common bush afire with God; but only he who sees takes off his shoes.”

Elizabeth B. Browning 

“Nature is the art of God”

Back to basics with God- Adventure in creation  


Are you longing to plug out for a weekend? Going back to basic into nature without the distractions of modern day life?

Conversations while staring in the flames, experiencing and learning nature skills, like what plants (not) to eat and lighting a fire. You will have time just to sit to enjoy the wind rustling through the leaves and learn about God and yourself.

Jesus often retreated into the wilderness to pray, both Moses and David had nature as their schooling ground to prepare them for their task ahead.

…From massive mountain ranges to the tiniest funny looking bug..

“The heavens declare the glory of God,

the skies proclaim the work of his hands.”

David in Psalm 19 

Immerse yourself in nature for a full weekend. Look at creation afresh and connect with God.


Connect with God in & through nature

Acquire new skills and knowledge

Connect with others around the fire

Reset, reflect & admire creation

Sleep in the woods and wake with birdsong

Invest in yourself and get inspired while learning basic skills of living in nature (also called bushcraft).

Some parts of the weekend: 

  • Fire lighting and using fire
  • Working (safely) with a knife
  • Nature experience and nature awareness
  • Setting up a tarp shelter and the knots that come in handy for this
  • Edible and usable plants and trees
  • Enjoy healthy ‘slow cooked’ meals together.
  • Your own mini-retreat in nature.


This weekend is organized from a Christian perspective, if you don’t call yourself a Christian but are you openminded and respectful, you are of course welcome to join.

Yes I'd like to join

After signing up we will send you an e-mail with an application form and information concerning location, payment, and packing list.


Not sure whether this weekend suits you? Or would you like more information before signing up? Just call 06-55887858 (Bertine), or fill in the contact form below and we’ll get back to you.

If you would like to have a weekend organized for an existing group.. contact us and we can see what we can do.

This weekend wil start on a Friday at 14.00 and end Sunday 17.00 the latest. 

Upcoming weekend:

At the moment there isn’t one planned, if you are interested, feel free to let us know to get a heads up when it’s added to the planning.


This weekend includes:

  • An inspiring program
  • Food & drinks, healthy, natural & tasty plant-based meals
  • Instruction and guidance by two people during the weekend
  • Workshop materials and equipment
  • A personal journal with questions for your personal time during and after the weekend
  • A ‘bushcraft’-knife to take home

If you already have a knife (not a folding knife) you can mention this in the application and you’ll get a 5 euro discount.

Investment: 199 euro per person (incl. VAT)

For business customers the price is excl. VAT

Payment in terms is possible.

Would like to support a student or person with low income to join by paying a bit extra? Let us know with your application so we can contact you if this need would arise.

Or are you someone that could use a bit of financial support? Let us know and let’s try together to not let money be a hindrance to join. 

For this weekend you won’t need to bring a tent, you will need to bring a sleeping mat & sleeping bag. After signing up you’ll receive a packing list.

max 10 participants

All weekends will be at locations that you (with some walking) can reach by public transport. In the application form we we’ll send you, you can mention where you are traveling from and if you’d like to get a lift, can offer a lift or travel together by public transport.