An unexpected meeting with a roe deer, a ‘gezellig’ picknick in the woods, picking fresh greens for a salad or admiring fog-covered meadow… just a couple of nature-experiences, by yourself or together.
Almost everyone enjoys spending time in nature, yet so many times we forget to free up time to do so. So, just to remind you, a couple of good reasons to do so!

Being in nature relaxes: your brain gets the chance to wind down since there is less input, and gets to recharge. There’s no demand for multitasking your heartbeat and the level of stress hormone cortisol are lowered.

Certain bacteria (Mycobacteriumvaccae) in the soil boost your serotonin levels, also called the happiness hormone, which makes you feel good.
Combining nature with physical exercise and your body also releases endorphins. Causing what’s often referred to as a “runner’s high.”
Sun exposure (in moderation) also gives you your needed dose of vitamin D, promoting healthy teeth and bones and fighting cancer. The natural light will also help with your melatonin balance, helping you to sleep well. Remember that nice tired feeling after being in nature for a whole day?

Coupled with all hormones and bacteria, nature simply created the opportunity to gain new experiences.
An article I read stated it this way:

“Through new experiences, you get to know yourself a little bit better every time. You increasingly appreciate life and see it in a new light. There’s no need to travel far, the Netherlands has many beautiful places. Step into nature and look around. Let your senses come alive and enrich your life.”

There’s not much I have to add to that. I started with 5 reasons… honestly..I lost count and I think I could even come up with 101 reasons…